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Personal Training

Interactive coaching sessions designed to create an awareness of our own brain states, help individuals reduce stress, understand the science behind relationship and belonging, and develop the tools necessary to prime their brains for a life of well-being.

Life Coaching

Interactive brain-aligned strategies designed to help  create a more resilient, self-regulating, trusting, positive and productive life through applied neuroscience concepts.

“We are in a perpetual state of creating ourselves” – Dan Siegel

We use neuroscience to better understand why we have certain feelings, thoughts and behaviors. We then can create positive experiences which drive our feelings and thoughts. Our lives become filled with compassion, kindness, purpose and connectedness.

Experiencing Toxic Stress? Can’t Seem to Quiet Your Brain? Wanting to Change a Behavior Etched in your Brain?

We’re Beside You Every Step of the Way!

 Teachers can’t teach, leaders can’t lead, sales people can’t sell, parents can’t parent when we are dysregulated. Our offerings work with you to incorporate movement and breathing techniques, rhythm, sensations, naming feelings, and other strategies for regulation. We provide tools for restoring connection and trust, so you can return to homeostasis.

– Dr. Bruce Perry

Our brain has the amazing power to adapt! By applying the latest neuroscience research, we can help leaders model behavior and create an environment with more trust and engagement. We can help individuals reduce stress through mindfulness strategies and contribute to healthier relationships by using techniques that promote connection, trust and belonging.  With neuroscience, the applications are endless!

Well-Being Coach

Schedule courses, presentations, and customized well-being training.

Movement & Personal Training

Get specialized 1-on-1 personal training sessions.

Speaking Engagements

Book Mary Beth to present neuroscience concepts and how to apply strategies to enhance your life. 

Combining Movement & Neuroscience to Change Lives!

When we practice particular movements, think in certain ways,  or feel a particular emotion, we create neural connections! The more we do this the easier it is for our brains to travel these new pathways. We become more disciplined.   We create new positive ways of thinking, feeling, and living. Our old habits and thought patterns weaken and our healthier way of living and being emerges.

In My Own Words

Well-Being Coach | Motivator | Speaker

Like many of you, I had many adverse childhood experiences. My coping mechanisms for the most part were (are) positive;  I always played sports and exercised because it made me feel good. I have a  22+ year Human Resources career working for three Fortune 100 companies. After being laid off, I started my own business and it is still going strong.   But not a day goes by that I’m not somehow reminded of my past, triggered or at least aware that even today, my behavior, feelings or thoughts are explained by my brain’s response to those past experiences. I’m not saying  what I share in this website will fix anything (you are not broken); but it explains everything!

Well-being Coach

Mary Beth has taken her 22 years of corporate experience and 11 years of wellness experience and created coaching and presentation offerings for both individual and organizational well-being.  Mary Beth has also created an Applied Neuroscience for Well-Being Series: a series of twelve, 1-hour interactive modules which examine, illustrate, and apply neuroscience concepts to improve resiliency and well-being.

Fitness Training

Mary Beth has continued to stay true to her belief that movement and exercise is paramount for brain health. To that end, fitness, movement, stretching and yoga training will always be an offering. As a seasoned certified Personal Trainer from the American College of Sports Medicine, a Pilates Instructor (Body Arts Sciences Institute, and TRX Certified,  Mary Beth separates herself apart from other trainers giving her a wider range of fitness modalities.

Speaking & Presentations

Mary Beth provides professional leadership development consulting and individual coaching modules using neuroscience research as her foundation.  These offerings can be adapted to share with business and community leaders, caregivers, administrators, educators, public officials, or individuals who simply want to create a life of well-being for themselves or their teams.

Explore the Road to Resilience Today.

Now more than ever, understanding our brain architecture and brain states can not only help us create life experiences filled with more connection, empathy, and kindness but we can also become more resilient and purposeful and ultimately creating for ourselves a life of well-being.

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Well-being Insights & Observations

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Neuroscience of Gratitude

Neuroscience of Gratitude

Important article with references to key research from R.A. Emmons and M. E McCullough to Roland Zahn.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

What do you do exactly?

We help individuals understand what is happening in your brain when you are stressed and when you are calm and regulated. We can provide a plethora of regulation strategies so that you can find the ones that work best for you.  We can provide resources for you if you have had significant adverse childhood experiences. We provide education so you know how those experiences affect your physical health as an adult. From there we explore strategies (based on neuroscience research) that can help improve both physical and emotional health.

We can also provide broader scope education to organizations and schools on the application of neuroscience in our lives and the importance of connection, chronic stress, relationship, and regulation on our neurobiology.

Our goal is for everyone to have an awareness of their own brain states,  to learn the research, and apply the strategies to create a life of resiliency, positivity, connection and well-being.

Isn’t this basically personal training?

That’s how this business started but it’s grown organically as I’ve grown to understand my own brain. The answer is YES in that I would love to work with you if you want to get stronger, feel better, have less aches and pains. And if you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious you can’t relax, or you feel like you are triggered by little things. I can share research which supports the regulation strategies which we can test to see which ones work the best for you! Everyone is different and regulation strategies may work for one person but not another. Rhythm, breathing, sensations and slower mindful movements (yoga) are also great regulation techniques.

How do I start the process?

It starts with  a conversation and connecting with one another.  You share with me as much or as little as you care to. I will share with you the science behind the strategies so you have that as a foundation. Knowledge is power. Once you understand that your body and brain have been deeply affected, you can take the necessary, science based steps to remove the remnants of what early adversity has left on your neurobiology.

What are these strategies and how will I know how to use them?

Meditation is a great strategy to start our day. This is a time to focus our mind for the day or perhaps can be used in the middle of the day to quiet our limbic brain (our emotional brain).  We may use the calm app to help us through a guided meditation or simply listen to some soft music or even suck on a frozen grape. Have you heard of centering? It’s like that.  Breathing exercises (i.e.belly breathing or deep dive breathing) are one of the best calming strategies you can try.  It takes practice to sit calmly and focus on the present; not thinking about all your to-do’s!!!”  There are so many different calming strategies so it’s about finding those that work for you!!!

Brain breaks or brain intervals are exactly what you think they would be. It’s an opportunity to give your brain a break; to recharge your brain.  This is something that I bet you do now! You’ve been sitting at your desk for an hour and half reading a detailed report. Your brain needs a break!!! So, you get up and move or walk around.  You are stimulating your Reticulating Activating System (RAS) when you take a brain break!  The RAS is a bundle of nerves at our brain stem that filters out unnecessary information so the important stuff gets through. Your RAS helps your mind to stay focused and alert. Our brains like novelty so stand up, move around, take a brisk walk or do a couple of  jumping jacks!  No problem solving or learning is going on and that’s by design!!

What if I don’t want to share my ACE score or speak about my childhood?

You don’t have to. The brain loves choices but does not like unpredictability. So you can decide how you want to move forward. We are here to be of service to you.

Are you a therapist?

No I am not a therapist but the strategies I share are therapeutic. I had significant childhood adversities but I never realized that it changed my brain architecture.  I knew that my coping mechanism was exercise. Moving made me feel good; especially cardiovascular exercise. I have since learned that not only does exercise change your brain chemically but it can literally grow brain cells and prolong the onset of diseases such as alzheimer’s. And we can apply brain science to our relationships, we get triggered, how we handle conflict, and why we need to feel connected, safe, and heard!

How is this process different from the others out there?

We share resources which explain what is happening in our brain and why we may behave a certain way.  Neuroscience is our foundation. For example, what happens in our brain when we express gratitude.  Did you realize that neural circuitry in our brain (stem) releases dopamine? Dopamine makes us feel good! And, because it feels good, we want more. When Did you know that when a conflict occurs between two people, both individuals’ stress response is heightened!  Our amygdala is firing and we are more likely to say or do something that is hurtful.  The brain is doing what it is designed to do! It’s no one’s fault really! Yet we blame the other for their behavior. Understanding the science changes the conversation. It becomes a discussion of what the brain does naturally verses someone is “doing something to hurt me!”

Do you do relationship coaching?

I provide individual coaching to my client and from there you can use the strategies in your relationships with your friends, partner and even children. For example, according to neuroscience research, emotions are contagious.  If our partner or our child is angry or anxious, we react automatically to that emotion without us even being aware that it’s happening!  You may get angry yourself and then the conflict escalates. There are measures that can be taken to calm our stress response. We work through those strategies. First we  step away from the situation. Now, what are the actions you can take immediately to calm your brain. Then, when the time is right, meet back up with your friend, partner or child and validate each other’s feelings.  We all want to be heard. Once that happens we can work to solve the problem; ask questions! How can we work together to solve the problem? What does the other person need? When these sorts of questions are asked our brain literally changes because we are getting oxygenated blood flow to our prefrontal cortex where we can think clearly. Not only can we develop concrete strategies for you and your partner, we can also have a plan of action with your children too.

Isn’t this really something used for children in the class room?

Very definitely!  We know children are coming in with significant trauma. Rather than teaching them what is happening with their brain, we punish them.  We are sharing with children parts of their brain and explaining what happens in their brain when they get frustrated. We are teaching children how they can regulated and calm their brains which must take place before learning can take place.  This work is also critical for our teachers. Teachers aren’t able to teach if they themselves aren’t regulated. We want them to understand their brains, what triggers them, and how they themselves can regulate before relating and reasoning with their students!

What if I have a good childhood. I’ve taken the ACE score and it’s a zero.

That’s great! We can focus on whatever you wish to focus on.  This work isn’t all about adverse childhood experiences. It’s about understanding your brain state, creating positivity, connection, wellbeing, purpose and resiliency.

Let’s Get Started!

Your path to physical and mental well-being can begin today! Don’t put it off any longer, let’s get started — together!

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