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“Connection TRAVELS at the Speed of Trust”
-Mary Beth Desautels

Inspire. Ignite. Thrive.

Butler University’s Applied Educational Neuroscience class, taught by Dr. Lori Desautels,  was transformational both personally and professionally.  Exposed to the research, I now have the science to support the strategies I had been using and the new ones that so many before me have shared.

I am committed to soaking up all the information I can and  sharing it with you. Whether at work, at home,  in your community, I am honored to take this journey with you!

Our Approach

Neuroscience application is universal; educators,  parents, business leaders, and our communities at large. We teach the science, share the research, and apply it to real life.  It’s not that easy, though.  We come into situations that are disruptive and we react based on our previous experiences. We are triggered. Our brains respond to ensure we are safe. Before we can make a decision or problem solve a situation, our brains have to know we are safe. We have to also feel emotionally safe; to be important to someone, to be heard, and to be recognized.  Once armed with the knowledge and tools to validate, affirm, and notice you can build those relationships and reach new heights in well-being.

Out and About

Speaker, Butler University College of Education Feb 2019 
Speaker, ISTA Good Teaching Conference
March 2019
Trainer, Carmel Clay Schools-Ongoing
Speaker, ISHN School Health Conference
June 2019
MSU Alumni of Greater Indianapolis Community Projects


Masters Labor & Industrial Relations (MLIR) Michigan State University 
Bachelor of Science, Michigan State University
Thunderbird School of Global Management Executive Education Program, Arizona State University 
Applied Educational Neuroscience Certification, Butler University

Human Resources Consultant, Amoco Corporation 
Human Resources Director, Enron
Human Resources Manager, Merck Pharmaceuticals
American College Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified Personal Trainer
Body, Arts and Sciences International (BASI) Pilates Instructor Trained 
International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA) Youth Fitness Specialist 

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